A Letter From Our General Director

Dear Opera Lover,
The Central Florida Lyric Opera will begin its 31st Season this year in September.  I am so proud of our wonderful organization having continually brought outstanding performers and performances over the years to all of Central Florida and even abroad.  We've been able to do all this because of generous patrons like you who have stuck by our wonderful organization and "gone the extra mile" - so to speak - time and time again.  So for that I am deeply grateful.

I know you love our wonderful organization as much as I do.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful young performers in our Resident Artist Training Program as well as Internationally recognized teachers and directors who work so hard to give such great training to our performers and design such fantastic shows for us all to enjoy.
The fact of the matter, though, is that the credit for these accomplishments really goes to those who make supporting our organization a top priority.  Without the financial support of people like you who generously donate the funds necessary to keep our organization financially healthy, our artistic dreams are nothing but unrealized aspirations, hopes and wishes.  We are in the midst of mounting a new season and are about to begin production plans for Mozart's The Magic Flute (directed by Grammy-award-winning singer and director, Molly Fillmore), Daughter of the Regiment, and several spectacular musical concerts including a Tribute to the Music of Leonard Bernstein.

To do all this, we need your help!

Please take a moment right now to consider how you can help us to financially lay the groundwork for our upcoming season by making a generous contribution to us.  Please review the information below about our sponsorship levels, and sit down and write a check today to add your voice to the many great voices who have championed this great art form, OPERA, over the centuries.
Thank you so very much for your kind consideration.

Respectfully, and with deepest admiration and appreciation,
Bill Doherty
General Director
Central Florida Lyric Opera, Inc.
1425 Martinez Drive 
The Villages, FL 32159