Maestro's Singing Servers & Beyond

No doubt you've enjoyed Maestro's World Famous Singing Servers at Katie Belle's in The Villages, Florida. 

But were you aware those same amazing voices could be performing at your next Private Club, Special Event, House, or Holiday Party?​
That's correct, Maestro's World Famous Singing Servers  are available to entertain you and a bunch of your friends and neighbors at a recreation center; or maybe you're hosting an intimate dinner party and would like to treat your guests to some very special entertainment. 
​Whatever the occassion, Maestro Bill Doherty  will assemble an ensemble of voices that will
have everyone thanking you for the fantastic entertainment.
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Two ways to reach us with regard to booking Maestro's World Famous Singing Servers

  1. Call us at (800) 624-8038
  2. Send an email to [email protected] 

Either way, be sure to share your name, details about how best to contact you, the date of your event, and the location & type of event you are hosting.